Has also been programming partner in some of main festivals and events in Portugal.
Productions for more than 20000 people with first line music groups, creative urban interventions,
Theater for children street animation fests, events in multinational Companies, city and Christmas parties, rock festivals and much more.


Enterprises’ communication and public relations, are essential to develop sustainable  solutions  and  to create an unquestionable  value to and from all customers, employees, suppliers investors  and all community . It’s one of strategic points of a modern enterprise that wants to talk to His public.

 We got  the needed tools,, for together with our Clients try to understand the best way  to  internally and externally to communicate through newspapers, tv’s, radios , internet and press

We help  the enterprises to communicate with their public.


We’re aware that spread and activate a brand  is one of most important side of the business  we just think that  activation is currently very related with brands that create memorable experience to their customers.    An experience is more profitable than a big campaign.

Our team has capacity to increase the brands’ notoriety or to start up  a  market project launching through events with big relation to company’s position or even through integrated and exclusive digital  actions.  We want to be part of creation and development of best brands.


Our main goal is to produce events as close as possible of customers’ wishes, Independently of dimension and complexity, this is why we exist to produce, looking for details and trying  to foresee any obstacle  and finding the  better and most creative solutions.

We have a solid team that assures satisfaction due to their technical and Professional  experience.

We are very selective in choosing our professionals, as we only work   with the best of each area. Because is the only way to produce events “key in hand”, eliminating all concerns of those who hire us.


We are prepared to  produce events for  enterprises that wish the best  quality in colloquiums, conferences, meetings of commercial teams,  company’s parties.
We intend to be a reference in this  segment.

We try to overcome  the expectations of the Companies that contact us, so that each event be original,    sophisticated offering to the participants very good  motivation moments, driving toe organizations’  healthy growth!.




For more than 20 years, we are taking care of details, foresee some obstacles and find better and original solutions for each scenario.
Since the foundation in 1997, Zona B has already produced more than 3000 events. Cities parties, music fests, circus art fests, creative urban installations, activation of trade marks, among others.

Zona B is proud because has been working with some international artists (Gabriel, o Pensador; Gipsy Kings; Hevia; Martinho da Vila, among others) and some of most known at national level (for example Xutos & Pontapés, Mariza, Rui Veloso, Tony Carreira, Anselmo Ralph, among others).

Has , as Partners, great part of municipalities in continental Portugal and islands ,great part of shopping  centers networks, cultural associations ,tv’s and radios..








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